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Book a consult with our local Audiologist


Are you having trouble hearing in noisy environments?

Do you suffer from ringing in your ears?

Do have frequent dizziness or vertigo episodes?


Book an appointment with our clinical audiologist, Erin Nichol, to address your hearing concerns.


Earwax Removal

Depending on your preference and comfort, we offer earwax removal via curette, suction, or irrigation.


Hearing Tests and Central Auditory Processing Evaluations available for all ages

HEARING AIDS &Counseling

We have a variety of hearing aid options that can meet your needs and budget

Tinnitus THERAPY

We offer affordable tinnitus management solutions

Risk - Free Trial

At Lake Huron Audiology we work with a variety of hearing aid manufacturers. We have a risk-free hearing aid trial program and robust exchange and return policy, so that you can try hearing aids with no financial burden.

Flexible Finance Options

We provide affordable hearing solutions for all budgets.  We offer price match guarantees, and interest-free payment plan options. 

Lifetime Service

Our lifelong hearing aid maintenance and service plan is tailored to provide you with long-term benefits. It encompasses hearing aid cleanings and minor repairs, all of which are offered to you at no additional cost.

Direct Billing

Our aim is to simplify the insurance process for you by collaborating with external insurance providers. We offer insurance support to those who are not eligible for direct billing.

If you’d like more information, book a consult with our Audiologist .

Our Mission

At Lake Huron Audiology our mission is to provide patient centered care while addressing your hearing concerns. We strive to offer unparalleled holistic care to help you meet your hearing and communication goals. 


910- A Queen Street, Kincardine, ON

  Tel: 519-396-5777

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