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Hearing Assessments

We offer hearing tests from ages 7 months and older. A doctor's referral is not required for a hearing test. Results and recommendations are explained in detail and there is NO obligation following the hearing test. The specific battery of hearing tests will be selected depending on the individual's age and ability. 

Ear Exam

Adult Hearing Tests

A hearing test is recommended whenever an individual experiences difficultly hearing, tinnitus, balance issues, working in noisy environments and/ or the use of ototoxic medication. 

It is recommended that every adult have their  hearing tested completed in order to establish a baseline for future comparison. 

Child Hearing Tests

In Ontario, all newborns are offered a hearing screening within a few weeks after they are born. It is important to have their hearing evaluated regularly as they grow. 

A hearing test is particularly important whenever a child is showing difficulty listening , low attention span, frequent ear infections or has a speech and language delays. 

If there are no concerns with the child's hearing and the child passed the infant hearing screening, we suggest a routine hearing test at least by the age of 4 or 5. A good time to come in is before the child starts kindergarten. 



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