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On this page, you will find information to help you learn more about central auditory processing disorders (CAPD). There has been over 60 years of research to define, diagnose and treat CAPD. We will also do our best to regularly update this page to bring you the latest information about developments in identifying and screening children and adults for potential CAPD, assessment techniques, and therapy approaches.

List of Resources

We compiled a list of interesting articles that provide a good insight into auditory processing disorders. Please click on the link to the articles - each link will open the document in a new page.

Frequently asked questions about auditory processing disorders - Speech-Language and Audiology Canada

Click here to see FAQs about APD, causes, common tests and diagnosis

When the Brain Can't Hear - Book by Terri James

Click here to read more about this book

How therapy helps children who are diagnosed with APD (Kaul and Lucker)

Click here to view article on benefits of therapy for children with APD

Importance of phonemes in auditory comprehension and remediation of processing difficulties
Click here to view article how our brains use phonemes to decode words, decoding difficulties arising from phonemic synthesis issues and how to remediate them





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