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Tips to Improve your Child's Active Listening Skills

A child's ability to actively listen can have a large impact on their learning and communication skills.

Active listening means giving your full attention to the speaker, and trying to understand what was being said.

Active listening promotes better comprehension in the classroom. Furthermore, active listeners tend to show better communication and problem solving skills.

1. Maintaining eye contact helps improve concentration, and shows the speaker you are engaged in the conversation.

2. One of the best ways to teach active listening is by modeling it for your children. Show what an active listener looks like by having meaningful conversations and asking follow up questions.

3. Question asking allows for clarification, and displays understanding. Asking questions also promotes engagement in the conversation.

4. There are many active listening activities you can play with your children to practice their skills. These include reading and cooking together, playing the telephone game, etc.

5. By avoiding interrupting your child when they are talking, shows that you are listening to what they are saying. This set a good example for them. Giving positive indicators like nodding and smiling also shows your interest.

6.Having your child repeat back what was said, helps ensure that they understood what was said. This also gives you the chance to correct if necessary.

For more activity options, and more information, check out:

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